About Nanosmoke

Nanosmoke was founded in 2012 by Alexey Ilyin, a third-year student at St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. Today Nanosmoke is one of the largest manufacturers of hookahs in Russia. A distinctive feature of most Nanosmoke hookahs is that they are horizontal and do not have a shaft.

Nanosmoke is a Russian company engaged in the invention, production and sale of hookahs and accessories for them. This is the company that was the first in the world to launch a mass production of hookahs from plexiglass, abandoning glass and metal in favor of non-rusting and non-breaking.

Nanosmoke hookahs were always intended for amateur use, until the company started working with ceramics, and Nanosmoke clay cups appeared in the product line.

The company's head office is located in St. Petersburg. The entire production cycle is also located there, from the acceptance of sheet material to the transport packaging of finished products. Hookahs are made on CNC milling and laser machines, but part of the production is associated with manual labor.

The company owns unique plexiglass seamless splicing technologies. Ready-made hookahs are also available in Moscow, Chelyabinsk, Astrakhan, Tolyatti, Magnitogorsk and other cities, so that the purchase can be made every day.

The company has representatives in such countries as Germany, Austria, Poland, Ukraine, Kuwait, Turkey and even South Africa. We plan to have representatives in every city in Russia and in most countries. We participate in all Hookah club show and hookah picnic exhibitions, where we show our latest developments and make business contacts with representatives and suppliers.

The company's task is to create hookahs as convenient and easy to use as possible

The process of assembling and scoring the bowl is simplified to a minimum, Nanosmoke is an option for home or travel. The design of hookahs is so simple that there is no instruction in the kit. An important area of development is safety, because you need to protect the hookah from tipping over and prevent burning coals from burning through the floor covering or furniture.

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