About Nanosmoke

the Company Nanosmoke founded in 2012, third-year student of St. Petersburg state Polytechnical University Alexey Ilyin. Today Nanosmoke is one of the largest manufacturers of cosmetics in Russia. A distinctive feature of the majority hookahs Nanosmoke is that they are horizontal and do not have mine.

Nanosmoke — a Russian company is engaged in invention, production and sales of hookahs and accessories for them. This company, which is the first in the world to launch serial production of hookahs from plexiglss, abandoning the glass and metal in favor of a noncorrosive and unbreakable.

Hookahs nanosmok has always been intended for Amateur use until the company began working with ceramics, and in the line of products appeared clay cups Nanosmoke.

the company's headquarters is located in St. Petersburg. There is also the entire production cycle from receipt of sheet material to the transport packaging of finished products. Hookahs are made for milling and laser machines, but part of production is manual labor.

the Company owns unikalnym technology seamless splicing plexiglass plexiglass. Ready hookahs are also in Moscow, Chelyabinsk, Astrakhan, Togliatti, Magnitogorsk and other cities to purchase to take to the day.

the Company has representatives in countries such as Germany, Austria, Poland, Ukraine, Kuwait, Turkey and even South Africa. Plans to have representatives in every city of Russia and in most countries. We participate in all the exhibitions Hookah hookah club show and picnic, where we show their most the latest developments and set up business contacts with representatives and suppliers.