What is a horizontal hookah?

To purchase a horizontal hookah was in 2011, in France. The company Airdiem, which was popular due to the development of the first model into an hourglass shape. Judging by the reviews and reviews to smoke it was impossible, the valve system and smoke filtering with water was questionable, it was unclear how much water to pour, was not collapsible, opaque. Dirt, mold and oxide on the metal elements was not visible that could cause damage to the health of the buyer. The case was extremely small, Cup – aluminum we can safely say that the French new jewelery. The cost exceeded 600 euros, even at the old rate a lot. In 2012, a nanosmoke, reversing the idea of Smoking and inhalation, thanks to a dual purpose, the device has passed the Commission for choice of the topic for the diploma project at the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. Four years later, after hundreds of adjustments and changes in horizontal buy hookah from 2300 rubles. All possible disadvantages abolished, performance at altitude, and the manufacturer – domestic.
20th May 2020