Designer hookah, what are they?

If you decide to buy a hookah, ask yourself some questions and answer them.

first, do you need such a classic, with design that you like. The range of the latter is much broader and, as practice shows, the build quality of the standard models better. Next, decide whether you are ready to service such representatives as, for example: Lavoo, Temple45 and Kaya LaCoppa. After all, to wash them through the narrow holes is a real adventure, and any party may sad end to the fragile glass bulbs, mines and saucers. However, after the birth nanosmoke no longer need to compromise, after all, good build quality, easy maintenance through the window is 7.4 cm for washing, as well as a steady horizontal position of the body will not allow you to doubt the choice, if you are going to buy hookah.

20th May 2020