Frequently asked question

Hookah runs on water, charcoal and tobacco, as well as any other hookah. Just heat 2-3 coconut extruded charcoal tile red-hot and leave it on for Kaloud Lotus heat a Cup of 8 minutes. To smoke the Shisha is not necessary, you will get thick clouds of smoke from the second puff.

Nanosmoke can be drawn from the available tools, applying knowledge of geometry and craft. For this you will need a plastic container for food and fruit. All the rest of the ingredients have in any household. How to make a hookah with his hands, see the video that we made especially for you!

Adapter for fruit or cups for nanosmoke is inserted into the silicone Cup nanosmoke. Therefore, it is also necessary to acquire the Cup. The adapter is inserted into the Cup as shown in photo. It is necessary to expand the Central hole in the bowl, turning it off with your fingers. Next, screw the adapter into the hole.

silicon Cup and adaptor to clay and fruit Cup. Put the adapter in the Cup as in question # 3, and stick the prepared fruit to the adapter and enjoy.

Any nanosmoke to clean with sponge and hand soap. No need for additional chemicals and brushes. Detailed instructions we have written in the video:

We hold an annual exhibition and we at the Central office in St.-Petersburg there is a tasting area. Accordingly, we have a lot of b/hookahs in a state of "almost new" For the budget conscious we have to "markdown"

potential buyers nanosmoke have doubts about the durability and resistance to impacts. Plexiglas relates to impact-resistant materials, and it can throw in a suitcase if you are going on a journey. For the accident insurance we have created a system nanosmoke protection, according to which to replace a broken or very dirty body in the hookah new for 999 rubles. If you are in another region - you need to put in one of the social networks the video of how you split a hookah with a link to our social network or our website and to pay the amount "hot plug"

All of the basic models hookahs of the company nanosmoke designed as a mobile, convenient. For models of the cube and UFO offers a convenient cases-bags which will not only protect the hookah from knocks, but also have roomy compartments inside for storing tobacco, a couple of dozen coals and all sorts of little things necessary for the preparation of hookahs in a variety of conditions. Don't forget to take the gas burner with a nozzle, so as not to be tied to the mains. Togo and the model in General this model nanosmoke mini  with a wooden carrying case with straps. Enjoy hookah on the go or even on the ski slopes.

Put coal on body nanosmoke is not recommended and is not necessary, because when you use the Kaloud Lotus coal does not require turning. If a coal dropped on the case - it is necessary to immediately remove him from the case. If you leave coal lying on the body - get an ugly burn and the body will lose its minimalism. If you already have a burn on the body - exchange it for a new one. How to do it - see question

After each pakora need to wash your hookah with soap and water as in question # 5, then hookah nanosmoke it is not necessary to collect in a box, so to increase the period of drying, the inner cavities, and a favorable environment for bacteria. You must put all the parts on the windowsill/kitchen counter and wait for complete drying.
If the water pipe was kept wet, we strongly recommend to wash it before Pokora again and process the internal cavity of the housing and the hose inside miramistina. (sold in pharmacies)

This effect is due to the design features of Shisha: Cup close to the water. Previously, we received a lot of complaints that after thirty minutes of Smoking the water in the flask became warm. From 2017 we produce cups with a reduced conductivity and a thinner stem with a diffuser, which reduces the heating of water. However, to completely avoid heat when Smoking up to 60 minutes(not recommended, Smoking will be mainly coals) maybe if you add in the ice water. Our team managed to get ice on a wild beach in Bali, but in a major metropolis it certainly will not give work. To reduce the effect of the warm smoke after the forty-fifth minute of Smoking will help tobacco content in their flavoring additive "mint" or "chill".

At the moment there are 7 Nanosmoke models.

nanosmoke cube

nanosmoke cube

the Most popular cube, they produced and sold more than 80 percent of the total volume of hookahs. It is simple, comfortable, flat and placed in box from shoes full set. Is one of the budget hookahs line.It is convenient to take along and it produced more than just accessories.

nanosmoke mini

nanosmoke mini

The budget nanosmoke mini, it is not equipped with podsvetkoy and has the mine in a vertical arrangement. Buying a wooden case, you will receive a portable extreme nanosmoke togo.


nanosmoke togo

the Most portable and the most extreme nanosmoke togo. It conveniently hangs on your shoulder by using the straps and when walking or running coals do not fall from Kaluga due to the unique spacer between the cover Kalouda and the upper wall of the case.


nanosmoke tube

The largest and home nanosmoke tube. This is a hookah for home, it with a height of almost two feet, with a capacity of more than three liters of water and is suitable for those who will not take a hookah, and enjoys it only at home.

nanosmoke ufo lux

the Most expensive, luxurious, and most importantly, the new hookah nanosmoke ufo lux. This is the only portable nanosmoke cover 8 mm plexiglass is worn on the body of stone on the system of bayonet mount as the lenses of professional photographic equipment.


nanosmoke ufo

the Most professional nanosmoke ufo. The top cover is 6mm and the hookah looks like a flying saucer or robot vacuum. Hookah has no closed cavities and is suitable for use in establishments, where to clean hookah need quickly and easily. And it has to look the most presentable. This model with an increased service life and enhanced cooling because the smoke passes a large path around the perimeter of the case and has time to cool.


premium nanosmoke

the Flagship nanosmoke premium - the premium version of flat hookah. Top and bottom cover made of black acrylic, rounded sides and a wooden case with a premium mouthpiece makes the model a luxurious and presentable. It is possible to give people who have everything or buy in the interior, to highlight the level of the decoration details. Model you can take a free polishing to the Central office nanosmoke.

Hookah nanosmoke impossible to smoke on foil because the Cup and the enclosure is designed for kaloud lotus. Charcoal need to buy from pressed coconut, cubic shape. Heated red-hot coals(link to  the product "coal" on the website) on the tile(link to the product "tiles" on the website) is put in a kaloud lotus and wait for 6-8 minutes to warm up the Cup under it and you can do thick clouds of smoke with the first puff. Do not recommend the use samorastekayushchikhsya coal, which contains nitrate or dry alcohol. In extreme cases, you can use the coals for the barbecue, but they need a long time to warm up in the fire and Smoking profusely to blow off, to avoid getting ash in the bowl. To move coal from the tiles on hookah use tongs.

What type of tobacco for nanosmoke better?

we Recommend to use tobacco, the manufacturer of which there are several years. New brands don't always keep all the technology for optimum shelf life, quality from batch to batch varies, and sometimes the flavour written on the packet and taste the reality do not match each other. Now there are many substitutes for tobacco, such as sprouted wheat or tea, or even beets. For example, dali tea (link to the product "tea with dali") prepared by the technology of hookah tobacco, but contains no nicotine and has a huge palette of tastes. From this mixture is not dizzy, evaporates a large amount of smoke (contains glycerin) and is not subject to excise tax. Smoking tea can be called completely safe. Just hammering the tea in the Cup of tobacco nanosmoke and enjoy.

If 10 years ago, Smoking in milk or wine was a standard option in a hookah bar or restaurant, but now the situation is opposite. Smoking on the alcohol instead of water in the flask is intoxicating is it merely the fact that you smoke is carbon dioxide. And milk is impossible to wash the flask and after one Pokora milk flask be scared to stink and that milk will not wash. More mild Smoking - also a myth, the perception is due to the greater viscosity of milk relative to water and the bubbling is easy.(link to the product "diffuser") is Now to quiet Smoking invented diffuser. As for dyes, soft drinks, ice, fruit, berries, mint - in flask that add possible and necessary. The main thing is not to leave then all this stuff at night, because to wash a flask from rotten fruit or vegetables is extremely difficult.

Nanosmoke produced in Saint-Petersburg on the street of the Palm house 1B. The company has no affiliates or subsidiaries. Be careful when buying from distributors or "in the shop" you can Always check the list of our Resellers on our website under "partners".
In other stores you will receive fake Chinese or, even worse, produced in Kazakhstan.

Clay Cup nanosmoke always be worn over the silicone. Therefore, only the acquisition of clay cups - makes no sense. Silicone Cup is mine because her tail is dipped in water. Its external sides of the Cup seals the inlet in the housing. No silicone cups is impossible to put a Cup of third-party manufacturers via an adapter. Silicone Cup is considered Amateur, in any driving you will get thick clouds of smoke and a pleasant taste. The Cup allows you to make a mistake in driving.

Clay Cup allows you to squeeze the maximum cooperaci and smoke of the Smoking mixture. Particularly needed is a ceramic Cup for Smoking it strong or heat resistant, or boiled tobacco (often black and expensive.)  However, this requires the skilled hands of a professional hookah. Cup will not make a mistake, the smoke will be either too little, or the tobacco will burn. However, as experience shows, the newcomers, watching the video several times for driving ceramic bowls are very good move on this device.