Hairdryer for ignition of coals

electric dryer for ignition of coals will help you to easily start a fire without matches, lighters or flammable liquids. For this it is enough to bring the tip of the Hairdryer to the coals and push the start button.

the Hairdryer for ignition of coals: the use of features

electric lighter that supplies a stream of heated air, will quickly ignite the fuel in the grill, fireplace or barbecue. For this you need to take the following steps:

  1. to Fill the fuel into the furnace.
  2. the
  3. to Connect the device to the network and click on the start button.
  4. the
  5. tap and hold the metal reflector at a distance of 15-20 cm from the fuel briquettes. Do not change the direction of the jet for several minutes until you notice the decay or a small flame. If the briquettes turns out to be defective, it can cause sparks. In this case, gently bend the device.
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  7. to Ensure free access of air.

it Should be noted that the use of electric dryer for ignition of coals flammable liquids is prohibited.

Main characteristics of the dryer to ignite the coals

the Device has a power 2000 watts and weighing only 900 grams, the reflector is made of refractory stainless steel. During operation of the device the handle is not heated.

For camping may be useful Hairdryer for ignition of coals on batteries. Is an essential instrument that will help ignite the fuel without matches and paper even in wet and windy weather. Ignition occurs just a few minutes after pressing the button.

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