Foil for hookah

the Most versatile and inexpensive way is to prepare a Shisha through the foil. To make it not only professional but also the beginner, and the material can serve as a bowl for placement of coals and the dome, which covers and extends the smoldering tobacco.

To simplify the procedure of making the modern market offers a special device – cloud, but the traditional foil for hookah looking for every lover of delicious smoke, as it will be useful for a variety of purposes, and is quite inexpensive.

Features hookah foil

of Course, hookah Smoking, you can use regular rolled kind that are sold in any store or supermarket. It is used for baking in cooking, but bowl for hookah foil of this kind would have the following disadvantages:

  • insufficient thickness to achieve necessary strength of the walls, you will need to fold the material four times;
  • the
  • inconvenient to use – even for experienced smokers, not able to tear off pieces of the desired size, if you do not have a knife or scissors. This is especially uncomfortable when you are working with low lighting or in nature;
  • the
  • need to pierce holes for the inexperienced Shisha lovers will not work immediately to find the right diameter and the required number of holes for any type of mixture.

Quickly and efficiently make a bowl or dome foil for hookah is a special kind of leaf which is specially designed for hookah Smoking. These sheets are available already sliced, desired thickness, have a circular shape and the holes.

Although this product is more expensive than ordinary, it goes a long way, and the process of narghile preparation will take much less time. Particularly relevant this kind of for beginners that do not yet have sufficient experience.

a Special foil for Shisha to buy is available in online store, useful even to professionals. For example, it is simply irreplaceable in cases when you need to cook the narghile. Besides, a proper thickness allows to achieve a more clean and rich taste.

the Product has a reasonable price, as all parts and accessories presented in our assortment, so buyer will be able to easily buy everything you need in one place.