A personal mouthpiece for Shisha

All fans of nargile who love to breathe the thick, tasty and pleasant smoke, you can buy personalized mouthpieces for hookah. This stylish and original product that will be a great addition to the image. In addition, a similar thing can be bright, unique and unusual gift.

typically, a personal accessory is applied to the name of the owner or some phrase.

features of the personalized mouthpiece

This accessory, in addition to the attractive design, and has a main purpose – protect the health of the user from viruses and infections. This purchase is necessary for those who often smoke hookah in a large company, or visit places that do not give an individual tip.

name of mouthpieces offered in stores, can have such differences:

  • be made of metal, quality plastic and other modern materials that can withstand high temperature;
  • the
  • to have a different tip materials – wood, silicone, metal, etc.;
  • the
  • with a metal chain or fabric ribbon that can be hung on the neck;
  • the
  • with keychain, box for storing.

Engraving or commemorative inscription can be applied to the product itself or on the tape. You can pick any shade of cap, to make it a solid color or multicolored.

the Side for applying to the lips, always must have a lockable cap to while wearing did not get there dirt and dust. To inside not accumulate odors, it is necessary from time to time to wash and dry the accessory.

Quality name of the mouthpiece buy which is available in online store Nanosmoke.ru, has a warranty and made of durable materials. The product will long to please its owner, while maintaining an aesthetic appearance and fundamental quality.

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