Buy nanosmoke cube pro for 6500 instead of 8000 and get a cup and a kaloud as a gift!
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Nanosmoke Box Acid


Nanosmoke Box. Have you seen him somewhere? But no, this is the new nanosmoke box. The hookah cube often flashes on beaches or in the trunks of cars, because it is simple and clear. A hookah made of acrylic is much more reliable than a hookah made of glass or ceramics.

Therefore, such a hookah made of plexiglass will be your reliable companion, wherever you go. But you can also make a hookah for your home from it, because a stainless steel mine and a saucer with a cone for any cup from any manufacturer are purchased from the standard nanosmoke catalog. And the name of all this is nanosmoke pro module. The hookah kit includes a hose, a mouthpiece. How to wash a nanosmoke box? It is easy, because the model does not have partitions and curves of the shape inside, and the 75mm hole allows even the largest human hand to penetrate inside.

The hookah has a magnetic connector, and the walls of the case glow in the light of day.

There is a PRO-module in the hookah.

Type of hose
13 х 18,5 х 12,5 cm.
Pro module
AISI 304 stainless steel
Hose length
150 cm.
Smoke volume
1.5 l.
Water volume
0.7 l.
Silicone Bowl
Housing material
Material thickness
3 mm.
Weight of the complete set
0.7 kg.
Weight with packaging
0.8 kg.
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