Buy nanosmoke cube pro for 6500 instead of 8000 and get a cup and a kaloud as a gift!
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Nanosmoke Premium Pro


The professional hookah of the premium class in the 2021 version is intended for VIP club halls. The upper and lower lid are made of monolithic black acrylic with a thickness of 8 millimeters.

The kit includes a pro-module, a hose, a mouthpiece made of aviation aluminum with an engraving of the nanosmoke brand and uniform illumination along the perimeter of the hookah. The color of the backlight can be changed using the remote control. The Pro-module makes the hookah compatible with bowls of any manufacturer and increases its service life.

21 х 14 х 29,5 cm.
Pro module
AISI 304 stainless steel
Hose length
150 cm.
Smoke volume
0.5 l.
Water volume
1.7 l.
Silicone Bowl
Housing material
Weight of the complete set
1.9 kg.
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