Case for catering

Today has become very popular such service as hookah catering. This organization hookah Smoking for large companies with the arrival of the specialist, having with everything you need, including mixtures and tobacco, from which you can create different combinations.

Such entertainment is often bought for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and other significant events. In order to convenient to place and transport the device itself and all the other attributes required case for Shisha. It is designed especially for frequent traffic and visits to maintain equipment integrity, and not subject it to the risks.

How to choose a hookah case?

Before the alleged transport of the device for Smoking disassembled into individual parts is necessary in order to make it more compact and to protect from damage. The suitcase is always made from dense and solid material (plastic, wood, etc.), which provides additional protection.

in addition, case under hookah typically has the following features:

  • material for interior decoration should be soft, has the right amount of niches that allow you to firmly secure all parts and prevent chips, scratches and other damages;
  • the
  • dimensions of the accessory can be a small, but easily accommodate all the necessary;
  • the
  • the material of which it is made, usually easy, so as not to cause difficulties during transportation.

depending on the purpose, you can purchase an ordinary product to be discreet and plain or designer. The latter may contain a variety of decorations, company logos, inscriptions and various images.

carrying Case for hookah (for migration) can buy at different prices, which depends on the external design and the raw materials used for manufacturing. The most expensive craft models made of leather and with velvet fabric inside.

products of different price segments is presented in the online store In this range you will find the accessories well-known manufacturers, reliable and of excellent quality.

carrying Case for hookah can buy at affordable price without markups. Our staff will process orders quickly and can arrange delivery in any convenient way for the buyer. Each product has detailed information from the manufacturer and guarantee a long service life.