Clay bowl

Clay bowl

We invented a compact clay bowl by studying the advantages of 24 models of bowls, cutting them in half and identifying the optimal geometry

  • Provides classic sound transmission in the corporate style of Nanosmoke
  • The clay is placed directly on the silicone bowl, which serves as a mine between the clay and the hookah, as well as a catcher of tobacco syrup. At the same time, the silicone bowl looks like new for years and the hookah gets dirty less.
  • Smoking one scoring on a clay bowl lasts up to 1.5 hours!
  • Clay is famous for the uniform distribution of heat: tobacco warms up completely, does not burn at the top and is not raw at the bottom
  • Excellent disclosure of strong tobacco flavors is another advantage of the Nanosmoke clay bowl
  • The bowl is equipped with a special recess, thanks to which the cloud with coal is well fixed: there is no risk of dropping the coals on the floor.
  • The clay bowl is flat and the hookah with it remains horizontal, but the taste and temperature regime it has as a professional bowl