Arra hookah charcoal 72 PCs (25 mm)

Arra hookah charcoal 72 PCs (25 mm)

Arra hookah charcoal 72 PCs (25 mm) - premium coconut hookah charcoal. ARRA CUBES is currently the best coal for hookah, it has passed all the tests of opinion leaders, hookah experts and bloggers. It has shown excellent results and is gaining popularity not only in our country, but also abroad.

ARRA coal comes from Indonesia, it is no secret that Indonesia is considered the world's best supplier of raw materials for the production of pure coconut coal for hookah. It is also famous for the fact that the quality of produced coal is the best in the market of the hookah industry, the key to this is the high and constant temperature.

Recipe coal quality ARRA pretty simple: organic 100% natural coconut shell, harvested and processed on its own coconut plantation, after which delivered to your own factory for the production of coal, which already subjected to final processing without the addition of foreign matter and various impurities that adversely affect the quality of the finished product. Thus, the absence of intermediaries in the production of coal gives a great opportunity to control the quality of ARRA CUBES from the moment of growing the raw material itself-coconut, to the packaging of the finished product.

What do hookahs say about ARRA coal:

Relative to other producers, coal takes a little longer to ignite, but this does not affect the quality of work with coal. when burned, this coal leaves much less ash than coal from other popular producers in the Russian market. Coal gives a lot of stable heat, which has a positive effect on the quality of Smoking and does not give a taste. Coal can safely stand for 40-60 minutes and give an adequate amount of heat until the last "breath".

As a result we have:

Coal is high-quality, competitive on the world market according to the criteria of "price-quality". Perfect for hookah cafes and for home use. A great alternative to many coals.

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