Amateur tongs, hookah

charcoal Tongs hookah is one of the essential accessories who have to get every owner of a narghile. With their help, embers turn, shift, replace already extinct pieces. To use the means at hand does not make sense, because it is inconvenient and unsafe. Prices on Amateur tongs hookah very affordable, so do not skimp on them.

Between forceps different material and design. Most budget options are made from stainless steel. They are ergonomic and practical, but the thin metal heats up, so any manipulation of the coals will have to be fast.

the best option hookah tongs for coals are models with cool touch handle. With this accessory you can slowly spread out the coals, without fear of getting burned. Premium line most suitable for hookah or as an option for a gift. They can be made of precious metals with inlays or logo. You can also order a personal engraving.

what to look for when choosing a charcoal tongs hookah?

For home use is quite suitable for Amateur tongs made of stainless steel or cool touch coating. Choosing suitable option, you should pay attention to:

  • the thickness of the metal is very thin forceps can be deformed by careless pressing, and heat up quickly;
  • the
  • form — rational to choose options with teeth on the ends. In this case the adhesion of coal will be better, and the risk of dropping a hot coal, far below.

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