Nanosmoke Cube with bowl, Kaloud, hose and LED

Nanosmoke Cube with bowl, Kaloud, hose and LED
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SKU: 111-011-110

The most popular hookah nanosmoke. Everyone will recognize the brand by the flat rectangular plexiglass case. It is often called hookah cube or nanobox, or acrylic luminous hookah, and sometimes just hookah cube nano. The mouthpiece and hose are packed inside the case, which makes it the most compact. It is used as a hookah for traveling or as a hookah for every day. It is allowed for use by the pool, because it does not break and does not leave splinters. An additional pro module is suitable for this model, with it you will get a stainless steel shaft and a saucer, as well as the ability to connect any third-party cup. The kit already includes a hose with a mouthpiece and a light with a remote control, a silicone cup and a calaud for coals, so as not to mess with the foil.

Pro module no
Weight of the complete set 1,1 kg.
Weight with packaging 1,3 kg.
Hose length 150 sm.
Kaloud yes
Case material plexiglass
The volume of water 1,3 l.
The volume of smoke 0,5 l.
Размеры кальяна 19 х 12 х 24,5 sm.
Размеры коробки 22 х 27 х 10 sm.
Valve type мембранный
Hose type Soft-touch
Material thickness 6 mm.
Silicone bowl yes

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