Nanosmoke Mini

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Hookah Nanosmoke mini is the most affordable hookah. Design is simplified to the limit. The case height of only 22 cm holds the quantity of water commensurate with a great professional hookah.

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in Addition to the low prices of hookah has the small size, the hose and the mouthpiece of the hookah are Packed inside the case and a full set will not create inconvenience in transportation in a suitcase or even a travel bag. For comparison, thermos 1 liter takes up more space than the nanosmoke mini. This hookah is suitable also for interiors with the inability to use large-size models. Wash it in the sink with a sponge and soap. In 2018, the quality of the material the mine was stainless steel, however, a strong heating of the end face of mine did the smoke inside the enclosure warm.

Since 2019 we produce unique mine out of silicone, which are not heated, easy to maintain and are lightweight. Also, if you use the soft mines excludes scratches inside the case, which spoil the appearance of the hookah.

At the mine in any configuration puts the splash guard to limit the droplets in the hose and diffuser, which makes Smoking noiseless and enhances the filtering of smoke. Petal valve completely protects the Cup from being flooded with a sharp blow due to its bandwidth greater than the diameter of the hose and the inner diameter of the shaft. Case nanosmok mini is not equipped with a slot for illumination, therefore, to install a diode module you need to purchase a stand, which also enhances the stability of the hookah. In case of accident can be exchanged housing with a new one for 1700 rubles under the program nanosmoke protection. This procedure is available regardless of the warranty period, and if the hookah is in another region to save money on logistics, you need to provide video as you destroy the hookah and we will send you a new one.