Nanosmoke Mini c Cup and hose

Nanosmoke Mini c Cup and hose

SKU: M01-011-000

Kit for having owned kaloud lotus. Hookah mini nanosmok impossible to smoke on foil because of the design features. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase high-quality Kalouda in the components section on our website. The kit is equipped with a splash guard and silicone diffuser on mine, pokur will be virtually silent.
Weight in additional transport package 1090 gr.
Weight in the box of the complete set 895 gr.
Body weight 417 gr.
Weight of the complete set 815 gr.
Height without kaloud 24 sm.
Depth 12 sm.
The length of the shaft 10 sm.
Case material Plexiglass
The volume of water 0,88 l.
The volume of smoke 1,56 l.
Box size L x W x H 10 х 10 х 27 sm.
Transport box size L x W x H 11 х 12 х 28 sm.
Valve type Petal
Wall thickness 3-5 mm.
The width of the hookah 10 sm.
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