Nanosmoke One

Nanosmoke One

The novelty and pride of the company, will be the best-selling hookah in 2021 among the vertical ones. The model was created so as not to save on anything. Revolutionary for acrylic hookahs, the sail system of sealing the stainless steel shaft to the flask and a completely new design of the body made the queue for nanosmok van even before the publication of the start of sales. The model was created together with the followers of the Instagram page @nanosmoke live based on tips and tips in the comments. So here all the requests and wishes of users are fulfilled. The saucer is also included. The modular system of the mine allows you to assemble any configuration and length of the mine, if you buy several modules.

Pro модуль Нержавеющая сталь марки AISI 304
Weight of the complete set 1,3 kg.
Вес с упаковкой 1,4 kg.
Длина шланга 150 sm.
Kaloud нет
Case material plexiglass
The volume of water 1 l.
The volume of smoke 0,95 l.
Размеры кальяна 12,5 х 25 х 11,5 sm.
Размеры коробки 13,5 х 22,5 х 15,5 sm.
Valve type лепестковый
Тип шланга Soft-touch
Толщина материала 6 mm.
Чаша силиконовая нет