Nanosmoke One

Nanosmoke One

Named as the last digit of the year in which it was presented. This is the first hookah nanosmok in 2021, a completely new model with a completely new design. On both side covers of 6 mm thickness gold stamping, illumination and remote control are included at once. Very strong and reliable hookah for home. It is easy to clean by hand through a 75mm hole and it is possible to decorate the flask with fruits and berries. This hookah replaces the old vertical models of nanosmoke classic, nanosmoke tube, which were too bulky and no longer comply with the brand's design policy. Smoking characteristics are improved by reducing the "excess volume" of smoke in the flask, so the taste becomes brighter and the probability of headache is close to zero.

Pro модуль нет
Weight of the complete set 1,2 kg.
Вес с упаковкой 1,3 kg.
Длина шланга 150 sm.
Kaloud да
Case material plexiglass
The volume of water 1 l.
The volume of smoke 0,95 l.
Размеры кальяна 12,5 х 24 х 11,5 sm.
Размеры коробки 13,5 х 22,5 х 15,5 sm.
Valve type лепестковый
Тип шланга Soft-touch
Толщина материала 6 mm.
Чаша силиконовая да