Nanosmoke Premium

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We designed Nanosmoke premium hookah using the most durable and innovative materials. The body is made of plexiglass and acrylic stone. The mouthpiece is made of aircraft aluminium and powder-coated for a more stylish design. Each hookah in the Nanosmoke premium line is packed in a branded wooden carrying case. The brand engraving is silk-screen printed, so it will not rub off after long use.

The main advantages of this Nanosmoke Hookah model:

  • High durability.
  • Stability.
  • Large volume of smoking fume (1.46 litres).
  • Premium materials.
  • Ease of use (assembly takes no more than two minutes).
  • Original design (hookah is decorated with acrylic stone. The option of LED colour and brightness regulation makes this hookah look good in any interior).
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Device the full set includes: body, bowl, kaloud lotus, hose, adjustable led lighting. You can also buy tongs with tile and clay bowl. Bowl made of clay, is put on over silicone. Thanks to their use it is possible to achieve richer flavor, but for its driving, you will need certain skills.

This model is suitable for home use and as a gift. Premium hookah Nanosmoke gets good reviews when it choose as a gift.

Hookah Nanosmoke Premium you can buy and incomplete, if you have your Chillum or pipe. But this case we can not fully guarantee the integrity and compliance with parts from another manufacturer.

To send the hookah by region you can order an additional pack of Brancaleone. It ensure a reliable protection during transport of the device.