Nanosmoke Premium hous

Nanosmoke Premium hous

SKU: P00-000-000

The kit includes the body of The nanosmoke premium hookah, which also has an elastic band for the original nanosmoke hose, as well as a purge valve and silicone legs on the bottom. A distinctive feature of premium nanosomes are black acrylic lids. Without the original Cup hookah cannot be used, the purchase of housing is suitable for those who already have components of nanoclay, for example from another model. Any nanosmoke premium includes a wooden case for transportation. You will also need a hose and kaloud lotus to use it.

Weight in additional transport package 3005 gr.
Weight in the box of the complete set 2690 gr.
Body weight 1365 gr.
Weight of the complete set 1885 gr.
Height without kaloud 9,5 sm.
Depth 21 sm.
The length of the shaft 3 sm.
Case material Plexiglass+acryllic stone
The volume of water 1,7 l.
The volume of smoke 1,46 l.
Box size L x W x H 32 х 28 х 10,5 sm.
Transport box size L x W x H 34 х 29 х 12 sm.
Valve type Membranous
Wall thickness 4-12 mm.
The width of the hookah 29 sm.
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