Nanosmoke Togo with a Cup and Kalouda

Nanosmoke Togo with a Cup and Kalouda

SKU: M01-000-01T X00-000-00T

Kit for those who have their own hose on the farm. We do not guarantee the tightness of the connection of third-party hoses with nanosmoke togo. the Cup of nanosmoke Tu go has a side to ensure that kaloud lotus is firmly held. There is also a diffuser at the bottom of the nanocalyan shaft, so that Smoking is quiet and filtration is more intense. For more confident use when shaking, we recommend a mesh / spring as an accessory.
Weight in additional transport package 1899 gr.
Weight in the box of the complete set 1566 gr.
Body weight 1023 gr.
Weight of the complete set 1421 gr.
Height without kaloud 37 sm.
Depth 12 sm.
The length of the shaft 12 sm.
Case material Plexiglass + фанера
The volume of water 0,88 l.
The volume of smoke 1,56 l.
Box size L x W x H 11 х 12 х 37 sm.
Transport box size L x W x H 12 х 13 х 38 sm.
Wall thickness 3-6 mm.
The width of the hookah 11 sm.
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