Nanosmoke Ufo Plus

Nanosmoke Ufo Plus
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The most expensive hookah from the manufacturer nanosmoke. It combines the best qualities of nanosmoke premium with its high cost in design and nanosmoke ufo with its technology and convenience of washing. As well as a hookah accessory, a rotating mechanism for the housing with installation instructions is offered to make it convenient to transfer the hose. The black and white versions of the cases are embossed with gold. It looks like the most expensive bags or interior elements of capercaillie cars. For the model, it is recommended to purchase an aluminum case or bag with a rigid cord for easy carrying. The early hookah was round, but it was to make the brand's TOP hookah in a general style. The appearance may differ from the one shown in the picture.

Pro module no
Weight of the complete set 2,2 kg.
Weight with packaging 2,4 kg.
Hose length 150 sm.
Kaloud yes
Case material plexiglass
The volume of water 2,3 l.
The volume of smoke 0,8 l.
Valve type 2 petal leaves
Hose type Soft-touch
Material thickness 8 mm.
Silicone bowl yes