Nanosmoke Ufo with a bowl, Kalouda, hose, and lights

Nanosmoke Ufo with a bowl, Kalouda, hose, and lights

SKU: U11-011-110

The 2021 model replaces the UFO, which was round in shape. Now it's a square with rounded edges. The geometry of the case is made so that the smoke goes along a long trajectory, which creates a guide ring on the top cover of the case. So the smoke gets more cooling and creates a pleasant draft, close to the classic hookah with a shaft. At the same time, you can reach any internal point of the hookah with your hand. It is convenient for transportation, has a small weight and fits in a bag for nanosmoke premium. Unlike the nanosmoke cube model, this model has thicker walls, almost like the nanosmoke premium, but comes exclusively in transparent color.

Pro модуль нет
Weight of the complete set 1,5 kg.
Вес с упаковкой 1,7 kg.
Длина шланга 150 sm.
Kaloud да
Case material plexiglass
The volume of water 2,3 l.
The volume of smoke 0,8 l.
Размеры кальяна 25,5 х 13 х 25,5 sm.
Размеры коробки 26,5 х 9 х 28,5 sm.
Valve type 2 лепестковых
Тип шланга Soft-touch
Толщина материала 6 mm.
Чаша силиконовая да