• Flask,
  • Stainless steel shaft and ashtray,
  • Bowl gasket,
  • Hose,
  • Magnetic connector,
  • ILIN mouthpiece,
  • Anti-splash (splash guard)

Our nanosmoke LAVA is not backlit, but made of plexiglass with luminous walls and additional engraving all over the body.
This Plexiglas device will be your reliable companion wherever you go. At the same time, it will also fit perfectly into the home interior. A stainless steel shaft and a saucer with a cone for any cup from any manufacturer can be purchased from the standard nanosmoke catalog.
The kit includes a hose, magnetic connector, stainless steel mouthpiece, and pro-module with stainless steel shaft and saucer.
How do you clean the nanosmoke LAVA? Easy, because the model has no partitions or shape bends inside, and the 75mm opening allows even the largest human hand to penetrate inside.

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