How to use it? This liquid can be used to wash not only the contaminated case of #nanosmoke, but also other objects made of glass and plastic. All you need is warm water, access to running water and nano clean.

Just one nano clean cover is enough to wash the nanosmoke case, which you forgot about for a while. If there is a plaque on the walls of the hookah:⠀1. Fill the case with ¼ warm water, add nano clean, distribute the liquid in a circular motion over all the walls of the case.2. Leave on for 10-15 minutes, then rinse off the dirty flakes and liquid with running water, rinse additionally.3. Dry the valve, seal and hookah body separately so that the hookah dries evenly and quickly.⠀Our cleaning agent is absolutely safe, a similar composition is used to wash children’s dishes. The liquid does not dry the skin, does not irritate the mucous membrane, it is easily washed off.

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