Convenient and functional bag for transporting and storing hookahs nanosmoke. It contains not only a hookah, but also all the necessary accessories, as well as several packs of tobacco and coal. The fabric is very dense and waterproof.

  • The entire hookah set with all accessories-in one case
  • Convenient and functional solution specifically for transporting and storing nanosmoke hookahs
  • Fully implements the concept of easy mobility in travel
  • With it, you will not have to carry a hookah in a bag, box or in a backpack with things
  • The hookah is Packed in itself, then put in a bag, along with tongs, coal and tobacco: all components are in one place in special sections-pockets
  • Made of shockproof, waterproof, dense fabric: protects the hookah from scratches, chips, breakdowns, moisture
  • It is equipped with a convenient carrying handle, a protective partition and ribs of the same rigidity as the camera bag
  • Stylish looks, branded, in the aesthetics of nanosmoke
  • A single zipper on three sides that allows you to easily open it, providing full access to the hookah and accessories.
  • Easy to clean, can be thrown into the washing machine without additional conditions
  • Extends the life of the hookah
  • The bag was created by the same designer who invented Nanosmoke
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