It’s 2022, we have released mouthpieces on ribbons. Ho-ho

The style and color scheme are «Borrowed» from bright popular brands:






Well, and some more there…

The width of the tape is 25 mm, 2 silicone nozzles with two loop holders are included, and everything is packed in plastic capsules made of PET material.

To make everything look presentable — there are lodgements inside so that the mouthpiece does not hang out inside the capsule. A sticker with the designs of all the presented ribbons is pasted on the outside to understand how much is left to collect for the full collection.

And the most killer feature is a nameplate that you can sign. It is recommended to do this with one of three writing elements: a marker for white boards, a ballpoint pen, or a permanent marker on alcohol, be careful with the latter, he writes through and you need to put something under the tape so as not to stain the second layer of tape.

In the future, plastic keychains will come out that will decorate your mouthpiece ribbon, which will come out in strictly limited batches and will not be repeated.


Packing 50x50x110 mm

Package weight 110 g

Loop length 500 mm

The cross section of the silicone nozzle is 11×17 mm

The length of the silicone nozzle is 50 mm

The price is 550 rubles, or free of charge when buying from 7,500 rubles in our retail store.

important! After placing an order on the website, the manager will clarify which color attracted you more from our line of mouthpieces!

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