With this accessory, you will no longer have syrup flowing down the shaft, falling into the flask. The water will now always be clean and transparent, tobacco will not fall into it. Everything will remain in the nanosmoke molasses catcher. It unwinds and is easy to clean.

With it, the hookah will last much longer, because it practically does not need to be washed, because the waterline and dark water are the reason for aggressive washing of the hookah with brushes and sponges.

Catcher is also called him. Molasses catcher. It fits on any nanosmoke pro module. If you want to use it on other hookahs, then make sure that you have a thread on them of 14mm diameter and 1.5 mm turn. This is a common thread. It is worn instead of the upper cone of the hookah of the pro version.

If you have a hookah with a silicone cup, then call us to find out how to put a syrup trap on your nanosmoke hookah.

Only stainless steel aisi 304.

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