Even if you have an old nanosmoke, you can make it relevant again. Now you will have a hookah with a stainless steel AISI 304 shaft, a stainless steel diffuser with a thread, a stainless steel saucer, as well as a radiator for cooling the shaft. All of this design is suitable for 75mm diameter holes.

The sealing of the passage to the flask is carried out through a silicone bracelet, which can be selected from four colors and worn on the hand, changing with the one on the hookah depending on the mood. With the pro module, we will make any nanosmoke hookah that was previously considered amateur-a hookah for real professionals. It is chosen by people who appreciate the highest quality of threaded connections and the weight of AISI 304 steel. 2021 will be the most breakthrough year for the company, because the pro modules with our new line of hookahs are of great interest abroad. They do not believe that they get such a treasure for the price of two trips to a hookah bar.

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