• Flask,
  • Stainless steel shaft and ashtray,
  • Bowl gasket,
  • Hose,
  • Magnetic connector,
  • ILIN mouthpiece,
  • Light with remote control,
  • Anti-splash (splash guard)

Our new Ilin TEN hookah is the result of a decade of experience at Nanosmoke | Ilin. We have taken into account all the wishes expressed over the last 10 years to create the most comfortable and pleasant to use hookah.
Attention should be paid to the bent saucer, which will prevent the coals from falling. Also, the shaft is now equipped with a removable diffuser with two modes of draught — light and classic, so that everyone can customize smoking according to their preferences.
We made the hookah in matte black color, which will give it an elegant and stylish look. Plus, there will be no finger marks on the surface and it will be a pleasure to hold it in your hands.
We have also simplified the lighting system — just place the hookah on top and enjoy the atmosphere without having to cover the light.
We are sure that Ilin TEN will become your indispensable companion on trips and in company. This hookah combines functionality, convenience and beautiful design.

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