Nanosmoke Cube Pro


The professional model has a completely new geometry — a transparent case without seams fits perfectly in the hand.

Perhaps this is the most beautiful hookah from the basic line of nanosmoke! In the new modification, the side walls made of German plexiglass became twice as thick. The model comes with a pro-module, which means that the saucer and the cooling radiator are already included in the kit along with a hose, a mouthpiece and a remote control for controlling the backlight. You will only need to add a bowl and a calaud — we will help you choose them during the ordering process.

20,5 х 13 х 25 cm.
Pro module
AISI 304 stainless steel
Hose length
150 cm.
Smoke volume
0.5 l.
Water volume
1.3 l.
Silicone Bowl
Housing material
Weight of the complete set
1.3 kg.
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