Nanosmoke Cube

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Hookah Nanosmoke cube is the most popular model of the line devices of the brand. This is a horizontal compact hookah that is easy to use at home or take with you on trips. Due to its shape, the device has a number of significant advantages, including:

  • Resistance (cube Nanosmoke gets positive feedback as the most stable hookah brand).
  • Large volume of smoke (more than 1 liter).
  • Compact size (8 cm height and 24 cm – the width of the device).
  • portability (all items are Packed in the camera case hookah).
  • Easy to clean due to the presence of sectional valve.

Hookah Nanosmok received positive feedback from private users, but also from the owners of hookah bars. The original design and adjustable lighting help to create a special ambiance in the place. For hookah we recommend additional clay Cup that is worn over the silicone. This will prolong the life of silicone Chilim frequent use of the device.

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Hookah Nanosmoke cube you can buy in full or partial configuration. Standard kit includes cover, bowl kaloud, hose, led backlight. This narghile is immediately ready to use. The device with a partial package without backlight can also be used directly. The lack of a design element does not affect the functionality.

Choosing a set without the bowl or hose, we can not guarantee full compatibility with parts from other manufacturers. Therefore, it is preferable to use the original accessories nanosmoke.

This hookah Nanosmoke always gets good reviews as a comfortable nargile for travel. Therefore, optional padded backpack, which is inserted into a hookah along with signature box. Also for this model designed shockproof bag. It holds its shape, has a rigid cord and reinforced walls that protect it from damage. In this package the hookah will be saved in any journey.