Nanosmoke hookahs

First Truly Convenient Hookah

Nanosmoke Classic

from 53
Nanosmoke Classic Nanosmoke Classic

Nanosmoke Ufo

from 55
Nanosmoke Ufo Nanosmoke Ufo

Nanosmoke Togo

from 46
Nanosmoke Togo Nanosmoke Togo

Nanosmoke Cube

from 38
Nanosmoke Cube Nanosmoke Cube

Nanosmoke Premium

from 150
Nanosmoke Premium Nanosmoke Premium

Nanosmoke Tube

from 45
Nanosmoke Tube Nanosmoke Tube

Nanosmoke Micro

from 39
Nanosmoke Micro

Nanosmoke Mini

from 25
Nanosmoke Mini

Hookahs nanosmoke

Hookah is a globally popular smoking device which has become an object of worship and a symbol of smoking fetish fashion. It’s a hookah that characters of famous books and movies would smoke with superb chic. Do you want to relax after a hectic working day, get away from the never-ending hustle and bustle, endless reports, phone calls and business meetings? Are you looking for a chance to unwind and have a talk with your friends in a nice atmosphere? Then get your nanosmoke hookah, pack it with some decent tobacco and savor the pleasure.

Hookah setup = 60 seconds

Setup of a nanosmoke hookah takes less than a minute

Always in stock

Our hookahs are always in stock in more than 11 eleven cities of Russia

Portable hookah (take it with you)

A nanosmoke hookah is really convenient to take it with you wherever you go. Doubt that? Watch this video! here

Nanosmoke development and ehnancement

A year later, nanosmoke hookahs were fully redesigned with all the details and nuances in mind. We considerably changed the appearance of the device and the entire production concept, emphasising the economic component. We also implemented new, faster and waste-free production technologies, and designed a new silicone nanosmoke bowl that would work as an adapter to a clay or a fruit bowl with the aid of a connector. We developed a method to place the diode light in the centre of the device so that nanosmoke hookahs would “shine from the inside”; the light element itself would not be visible and not exposed to water. Immediately after the defence of his thesis project Alexey was invited to join the Designers Union of St. Petersburg as a founder of a successful project developed by a student.

Soon after that a series of numerous alterations and modifications to the nanosmoke took place. We changed the position of the holes on the top cover, searched for the best materials for nanosmoke parts and elements. They were to be durable and of high quality, yet affordable. Then we found a way to make colourful bright bowls and hoses. The heat-resistance and durability of the nanosmoke remained at the same high quality. Following numerous requests, we gave up glass and plastic mouthpieces for nanosmoke and launched our own production of those parts. They are designed to fit perfectly the overall concept, do not break and do not damage the teeth of smokers.

To date, we have created a whole range of products which are available for order on our online shop of nanosmoke hookahs. Each model has its own features and conveys our brand philosophy. Choose your hookah set and colour and buy your own personal nanosmoke!

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