The design of the nanosmoke One Pro hookah was created together with the subscribers of our Instagram page @nanosmoke.

We fulfilled all the wishes expressed by users in the comments, as a result, the new model collected a huge number of pre-orders even before the start of sales. The sail sealing system, revolutionary for acrylic hookahs, ensures a tight fit of the steel shaft to the flask, and the modular system allows you to assemble a shaft of any configuration and length. We hope that in 2021 this model will become the most popular among our vertical hookahs!

Type of hose
26 см нержавеющая сталь AISI 304
Water volume
1.1 л
Housing material
Hose length
130 см
Pro module
AISI 304 stainless steel
13 X 13 X 26 см
Weight of the complete set
1,7 кг.
Magnetic connector
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