Nanosmoke hookahs wholesale from the manufacturer

  • Nanosmoke is the world's first flat hookah.
  • It was invented and is currently produced in St. Petersburg in 2012.
  • The material of all our hookahs is plexiglass which combines the best qualities of both glass and plastic.
  • It is designed in a way so that all the details can be packed inside of the hookah corps, which takes minimum space in warehouses, on store shelves, or in the backpack of the end customer.
  • There are models with battery-powered illumination. Color and lighting mode can be changed with a remote control.
  • Works on regular tobacco and charcoal, very easy to assemble and fill in.
  • We cooperate with bloggers, celebrities, and our company is known as top 1 among amateur hookah manufacturers. Our hookahs are convenient to carry around and very simple in use;
Call us:
The address of the central office
and production:
Saint Petersburg,
Lisichanskaya 5
To discuss the terms of cooperation
and wholesale purchases, send an application:
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