Nanosmoke Micro

Nanosmoke micro is The smallest and portable hookah brand. Was first introduced in 2014, exclusively for Kuwait. In Russia, however, never became widespread. In 2019, made the revival, he had the stand for improved stability. Also in this leg is a holder for the mouthpiece, a very handy thing. Hookah is perfect for camping, but for home it is better to take our classic cube or mini.

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Cup in Nanosmoke micro is the same as adult models Nanosmoke cube and mini Nanosmoke, hence the conclusion about the amount of tobacco and the possible duration of Smoking becomes clear. The only time cooling - you can close it by using ice cubes in the water. About the excellent cooling potential owners a micro pump most likely, and I don't think, but there is one way to boost cooling: using adapter to put another Cup in this mini hookah and thereby delay the heat source from the water. So the hookah will be similar to the new aeon viro, however please note that this is a completely different hookahs.

In the hookah nanosmok micro has the same structure as in the model mini and classic: mine is at the end of a removable diffuser for quiet Smoking, and also has a plate - splash guard, to ensure that the spray does not hit the hose. All components as well as in our other hookahs are Packed into the body of the hookah, so its easy to carry and accessories do not fall out.

This hookah is the Smoking area in the car, by the way hookah for a car the most frequent question our customers have, after all, the classic hookah to operate in the car impossible, and our flat or compact hookahs Nanosmoke possible. To save space and weight used short the hookah hose and mouthpiece.

Nanosmoke micro can be bought and make someone a hookah as a gift, which is not much hit on the wallet. On request can rework or tuning, an exclusive design or gift wrapping. The terms of the order depend on complexity, so do not delay with the first call, but if saving money on the phone request a callback and we will advise you.